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Vacation – are you running from or to yourself?

Vacations are amazing things.  We go somewhere complete different, do different things, have a different schedule, and hopefully come back refreshed and exhilarated or at least more experienced.  But what are we coming back to?  Vacations are not one way; they are round trip.  Like a boomerang you are coming back.  So what is the actual purpose of your trip?  If its to escape, well the logistics will be different for a bit, but you’re coming back and it will be just the same as when you left.  If not a little dustier,even.  And in the end, what are you actually running from, because in most cases its ourselves we’re running from and we take that with us no matter where we go.

But what if we turned that around?  What if a vacation was a chance to run to ourselves?  To do things we’ve always wanted to do?  To listen to our hearts and our souls?  To find out what we really want?  Would we be surprised?  Would we find that we’re afraid of what could happen?  Of who we could be if we dared to dream?  Would it challenge our most precious beliefs about who we are and how the world works?  Wow, that would be great wouldn’t it?  🙂

Personally, in that case, I’d go get my shoes on and get ready to run because life is too short not to follow our dreams.  Oh, look, I’ve got my shoes on already…Well, see you in a bit.  I’m going running…

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