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What if my GPS says “recalculating”

Being human means making mistakes. If you are making them then you’re not alive.  That’s just the deal. You’d think that making them, possibly daily, we’d get used to it, stop being worried about it, or even become ok with it, but not so much. We can’t avoid it and really we don’t learn and become better from our successes. It’s sad but true that we learn the most from the mistakes and the failures.  So don’t be afraid to try something just because it might be a mistake.  You’ll find out more about yourself if it is and that’s a good thing.

So what happens if you get a reading from your Soul book, your personal GPS, and it says “recalculating”?  I mean, what if you have completely missed the mark, are so far off course you’re off-roading in some foreign land and you have no idea how to get back? Well, first of all there is no where that the Akashics can’t see or your Soul book isn’t tracking you.  And so what if you’ve taken a scenic detour?  You’re still moving ahead and not backwards.  You now have collected more experience, more knowledge of the world and that can be used going forward towards who you really area.  All roads lead forwards to you so don’t worry.  You’ll get there.

It’s just nice to know that the GPS is available because some of these back roads can get mighty confusing…

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