My project for this summer is to dig into the various religions and ancient texts that speak of, understand, or use the Akashics.  Which means that currently my living room is host to piles of books, none of which are light summer reading or something you would delve into last thing before going to bed.  They won’t cause you nightmares, but you might wake up sleeping with a book. 🙂

I have a pile of books that are on Kabbalah, a pile for Theosophy, another pile for the medieval thinkers, various philosophers and scientists of various ‘older than 1700’s’ periods, a section on Buddhism, a section on current scientific discoveries, and a largish section on Hinduism which is due to get larger as I have copies of the Rig Veda, the Sama Veda, and the White Yajurveda on their way.

So some days I feel like I’m an anthropologist learning new cultures and gathering ‘ah ha!’ moments in my backpack.  Other days I despair at the amount of journey not yet travelled.  And still other days I check myself to see if I haven’t crossed the line from research to intellectual madness.  I think I’m ok since I still know to ask the question.  🙂   When in doubt, my kitty decides to enforce a reading break.  Or else she started reading the text and this is her commentary on the whole thing.  She’s a cat so she’s not saying…nor does she care…