It’s a key question and most people don’t think to ask it of themselves or even take it into consideration.  They have questions, they have problems, they have dreams, they have needs and they want solutions and answers.  They want things to change.  But they don’t.  So they seek and they learn and they try.  They do everything they can think of to fix the situation.  All but one.

Many of my clients can give me a laundry list of things they have done to try and solve their dilemma.  Sometimes they have tried to resolve it for decades.  The laundry list outlines a life trying to resolve things this way and that way, which looked at in the detail all seem like viable solutions and all unique and common sensical.  But looked at as a whole point to one simple thing.  They all repeat the same patters, circumscribe the same box, remain safely within the bounds of the known, relying on others to do the work and make the changes.

It doesn’t matter whether the problem comes from something outside of the self or inside, the actual issue is that it is causing something in you that needs to be resolved.  And the only one that can resolve that is you.  So the actual answer to the question, the resolution to the problem, the beginning of the path that leads you to your dream is whether or not you are ready to change. When you are, that’s when transformation begins because you have just empowered yourself to fully be yourself.