There is a practical connection with internal change and external events.  I know that most people know they aren’t islands, but somehow we think that who we are as beings doesn’t affect anyone or anything unless we’re taking direct action.  (?????)  We are interconnected in amazing ways that we can’t even fathom so when you do internal work, when you are healing something or becoming something, it changes you.  Not just your perceptions, not just your emotional state, but also your body.  Your body isn’t a meat car you’re driving around, it’s you.  And it’s not separate from your soul, your mind, and your emotions.  It’s a co-conspirator.  It’s like you’re a Tibetan Singing Bowl constantly droning the “I am this” of your life in ever second.  So what happens when you start changing you?

Well, that drone changes.  The music that you are takes on new tones and new rhythms.  Yay!  Good for you.  But just think: Your external life is composed of people and things which harmonize with who you were, with the music you used to create.  Now that you’re creating new music, things don’t harmonize any more.  That means things outside you are going to need to shift.  And…wait for it…people and things have lives that don’t wait for you or need your permission in order to do things, make decisions, and react.  So when you start healing things friends that you’ve known for sometime might walk away from you or find a reason to push you away.  Because the two of you don’t harmonize any more.  And this might come out of the blue because they are aware of the disharmony before you and it’s big enough that they react.

Work situations might become difficult.  Because work is just a group of people interacting and, again, you don’t harmonize either with individuals or with the group or both.  Just because you’re becoming a better human being doesn’t mean they are or that they want to be or that they are willing to be around someone who is.  This may mean that you need to adjust how you work with them or that you need to find another job.  That’s healing too.

And then there is the renegotiations with the people closest to you.  Sometimes is can be easier on them because they are closer to the change, see it in progress, hopefully you’re able to be open with them and they can be part of it and get on board with it.  But sometimes it’s the last thing they want and pushes all the buttons they have worked a lifetime to avoid.  So that might need to shift as well.  When you start healing and changing and becoming you might see sides of your loved ones you hadn’t seen before.  It might lead to deeper and more committed relationships or the ending of them.  And yet more healing.

With all this loss you might think, why do I want to go through this again?  But there is also gain along the way.  People who harmonize with the music you’re putting out will be drawn to you.  New job situations will show up which fit better with who you’re becoming.  New friends will emerge, old ones might even come back, and again with the getting closer to your significant other or you might find that you have opened the door for someone new to come in.

So be aware that “as within, so without.”  Your internal changes might be internal for a time, but they are going to become external probably sooner rather than later.  And thank goodness for that.