Not having children of my own, I find that Christmas for me can take on a more adult activities than some.  Like the years that I spent Christmas with friends (also without children) and we started with breakfast and Mimosas and ended with dinner and Mimosas, eating our way through the day, sipping and being silly and watching Christmas cartoons and specials and whatever else struck our fancy.

However, other years I find that I revert back to being a kid myself.  Like the year I found that there was a compilation DVD of Scooby Doo Christmas episodes.  It was a must have (and only a couple of bucks) and my friends and I hooted and hollered and giggled through the whole dang thing while I cooked ‘roast beast’ and we settled in for an day of presents and fun.

Christmas is whatever you make of it.  For years I’ve been sharing Christmas with friends and it has been wonderful and a bit magical to have everyone bring something that is an iconic tradition from their family, from food items like gnocchi to Emmet Otter the Muppet special.  And making traditions of our own over time like the need to watch silly cartoons while cooking ‘roast beast’.  It’s good to keep the old and weave it into the new as long as it’s all done with love.

This year I’ve added a new Scooby Doo Christmas DVD to my collection.  Who knew he’d been around so long or made so many cartoons for the season?  And I’m working on adding to an old tradition from my family.  My aunt made me felted ornaments when I was tiny and I have loved them for as long as I can remember.  This year I’m making some of my own to add to the collection.  A small token of connection to my ancestors and to love that never truly fades.  What will your Christmas look like this year?