So is it Christmas now or in December?  I know for the retailers Christmas began November 1 and I had somewhat of a tizzy about it.  Bell ringers showed up at the stores around November 15th and were saying “Merry Christmas” while people were shopping for Thanksgiving meals.  I know the economy is bad but COME ON!!!  Just don’t say the ‘C’ word until after Thanksgiving, ok?  And I don’t even want to acknowledge the stupifyingly violent shopping event that was Black Thurs/Fri/Sat.  I’m hoping there’s a cure for that madness at some point.

So…ahem..back to my topic, is it the Christmas season now or starting December 1.  Families have various traditions starting with when they decorate.  Is it the weekend right after Thanksgiving or the next one.  I’m a December person myself, but as you can tell, I like my seasons one at a time in the right order with the right amount of savoring and fanfare.  And I have a lot of friends that over the past 4-5 years have gotten married, had/are having kids, and are starting their own traditions, some of them in their first ever house.  Yay!!!

So what is your tradition?  Is now the time to realize that just one visit to a friend or one gift or one conversation can start a tradition?  My Mom sent me a care package my freshman year of college because I was out-of-state and it was December and she needed me to have Christmas in my room.  It was a tiny tree with tiny ornaments.  This has been a tradition ever since.  I collect ornaments for it, it has a tiny tree skirt and a tiny topper and it goes up each year the first weekend in December.  What are you traditions and how did they come to be?  Handed down from your family or created from your heart and your memories?