Countless conversations either start or end with “What’s the point of all this?”  It’s a question that human beings have been asking for centuries.  I think that all too often Western society thinks there should be a simple, single quantifiable answer to that, a magic wand or a pill that will make it all make sense.  Good luck with that.

However, each person does have a purpose, a reason for why they have chosen to be here in a body interacting with other souls in their bodies.  Most people know this in a ‘nagging feeling in their gut’ kind of way.  They know they should be doing something or BE something, but have no idea what that is and so keep doing what they have always done and what circumstances lead them to do.

In your soul book there are explanations of what you are here to do.  Whether it is to learn how to deal with jealousy, how to be less controlling, how to be open to love and to the hurt that comes from love, how to be stronger or more vulnerable, how to be responsible or to be a help to others in their lives, there is a reason you are here that is important.  The Akashics has that answer and your soul book can help you look at the opportunities you have right now.  You can start working towards your purpose from where you are. It all starts with the first step.


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