You have goals, you have dreams, you know what you want your life to look like someday, but is it even possible to get there from here?  Someday isn’t now and there’s just so much that has to get done.  You’ve got priorities and responsibilities and so many people depend on you…Besides, this is what life is supposed to be like right? You have all the things that people are supposed to have, you’re doing all the things that people are supposed to do, all the other stuff, that’s just pie in the sky that will come when it’s time, right?

Um…sure…but you know about the Toothfairy, right?  I’m not going to even mention Santa Clause.  Oh, and just so we’re clear, the Great Pumpkin IS real and he’s going to come to the pumpkin patch and all the good little boys and girls who believe are going to be rewarded.  So, moving on…Life isn’t meant to look one way or the other, it’s meant to be healthy and only reasonably unhappy, full of dreams and goal unfolding amongst all the other dreams and goals unfolding on the path to our becoming.

So first, if you’re anywhere between chronically unhappy and seriously miserable in your life, take a pause because that’s not how it’s supposed to work.  You’re due for a course correction.  Next, life isn’t a one-size-fits all proposition.  Those expectations of what we should have and be to be happy are arbitrary at best and someone else’s needs which aren’t in your best interest at worse.  So again, take a pause and look at the life you’re leading.  If it isn’t you, if it’s like wearing someone else’s clothes which don’t fit, if it’s like the square peg and round hole, then things need to change.  Lastly, if how you’re doing things is against your very nature, then it’s time to reconsider how things are getting done.  Like the bad old days when being left-handed was considered not only bad but morally wrong and people were forced to work right-handed no matter what, today’s lifestyle is focused on production, manufacture, corporate work ethic which benefits corporations and not people.  So let go of that mode of living.

Find your own rhythm.  Yes, meet deadlines and pay your bills on time and make sure to remember where you left the baby because whoever has them would probably like their life back at some point.  But there are a million ways to get there from here, only one of which is the linear, nose to the grindstone, put everyone else first way.  There’s also the Hokey Pokey way where you put one task in and you get one joy out, you put the result back in and you shake it all about.  Or you can dance your way through things using a little flourish here, a little wink there, high kick, hip role, and keep moving across the floor.  Shake what God gave you and you’ll be smiling all the way to your goal.  Taxes don’t sound like a bad thing when you samba through them, do they?  🙂  Find your own rhythm and don’t let anyone try to discourage or sensor the beat.  This life is yours, live it.