The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. I have friends that have long-term relationships and they are enamored of the single life where they could do anything they want at any time.  Even though they are happy in relationships they want more freedom.  Then I and the other singles look at the couples and think that having companionship and love in our lives would be a good trade for the abundance of freedom that we have.  If we aren’t wanting something we would get stagnant in our lives, I guess.

The part I don’t get is the giving up on things you want or enjoy because of the situation you are in.  Some give up doing things because they are single and don’t want to do things alone.  Others give up things they enjoy because they can’t be done as a couple or the significant other doesn’t like doing them.  Why give up what you love or enjoy if having it or doing it doesn’t injure others and brings you happiness?

Go out to a movie because you want to see it, even if you go alone.  You could meet someone who shares your interest and isn’t a pervert.  The odds are against it be you never know.  😉  Get dressed up and go out with the girls or put together a poker night with the guys or vice versa.  Have something for yourself so you can bring more of you back to the relationship.  You like each other because of who you are.  Don’t let go of chunks of that because you’re in partnership.  It’ s not ‘either or’ it’s ‘and this and’.  And now…back to your regularly scheduled day….