We just got through Canada day and now it’s 4th of July.  I’m not into nationalism or indulging in drunkenness and excess just because we have the day off.   And I’m not sure how helpful it is to meditate on all that this country has done for us because ‘this country’ is a huge theory that really doesn’t impact most people.  Most people live their lives with other people, with co-workers and family, more impacted buy local law and politics and school levys than anything that happens federally.

So if you’re going to do anything today besides enjoy the day off, get some sun, eat outside and blow shit up, don’t worry about what ‘the flag means’ or The Founding Fathers.  Think about the men and women running this country and how they are no better or worse than anyone else you know.  In fact, they are probably a lot like the people you know.  Then when the shock of realizing that the country is being run by regular people who are screwed up just like the people you know, consider that you might be able to do a better job than they do.

Then forget all about it and blow some more shit up.  🙂  You can always run for president tomorrow.