It’s funny to me how we tend to think of things as going only one way.  Such as the external world doing things to us, but us having hardly any impact on the external world.  It’s like we’re a leaf being blown around by the wind and we can’t see that we may be creating a wind block for others so they aren’t affected by the wind or that the wind lifts us up and carries us over obstacles or that we can float with the wind and enjoy the ride.  To extend a metaphor way to far.

Another way we do this is in our homes.  Most women realize at some level that our homes are a direct reflection of who we are and how we feel about ourselves and the world.  They are a huge collection of symbols for everything going on inside us.  But we see this street as one way.  If something inside changes, then the way we live in the house will change so I need to make changes inside of me.  But the house affects us as well.  Living in a place with no light is comforting to some and depressing to others.  Living in a small space can be cozy and supportive or cramped and crazy making.  It just depends on the person and where they are at in their lives with their needs and their perspectives.

So if your living space is a reflection of you and you are not happy with what is going on with you right now, and trying to change things from the inside out isn’t working and you feel lost and overwhelmed and hopeless, why not come at the problem from the other direction. Feeling stuck at work, clean up your work area at home.  Clearing up the clutter, making decisions about what to do with this or that, all of it is symbols that will affect your internal self.  It will prompt you to see the big picture in the little symbol you are holding and help you make decisions that might seem overwhelming or confusing seem manageable and doable.  And if nothing else it helps you feel better in the moment and see things more clearly.  It puts things in perspective.  Feeling like you can’t get any movement in a relationship, clean off your kitchen counters.  It’s one of the more relational areas of the house, usually the heart of any home, and making space makes space in your life to deal with each other in a good way.  Feeling like you are just dragging around so much shit and can’t let go of anything, clean the bathroom.  No lie.  Or fix that toilet that doesn’t have enough water pressure or that leaks.  Change out the light bulbs over the sink.  Clean the fan.  Change out that washer so the sink stops dripping.  It’s stunning but true that this will help you resolve those stinky issues that are plaguing you.

As above, so below, as within so without.  You might think that you have everything about you all contained inside and hidden from the world, but we manifest our reality in every choice we make and every action we take.  So it’s in our homes as well as in our heads.  If you want to make a change, start cleaning a closet or decluttering the junk drawer.  You’ll be glad you did.