Many times we either ask questions that are too general or too specific.  Asking if the person is the right person to be dating right now is probably too specific.  And you probably already know the answer.  And your guides are probably going *face palm*  Asking what type of people you should be dating, should you be dating right now, how to find the right person to date, these are all great questions because they are to the point, but general enough that you can actually get good information and action items from them.  Even if that’s just confirmation that you’re on the right track or doing the right things already.

Being too general doesn’t get you much of anywhere most of the time.  For example, asking ‘what do I need to know right now?’ is waaaaaaayyyy too general just…in general.  Spiritually, an oracular tool like the I-Ching or Tarot will pick out the major themes you are living right now and talk about them, but do you really need to know more about what you already know?  Other than to have a confirmation?  It’s great when someone has things they haven’t been working on show up and that can be helpful or if you get clarity on something you’ve been working through but you’re not all the way there yet.  That’s the best.

However most guides respond to that question in one of two ways: helpful or not.  If they are going to try and answer something that vague without intervening in your free will, they will say things like ‘you’re doing great!’ or ‘everything’s fine.  Have a nice day!’ or ‘the path will be laid out before you’.  Just as vague as the question.  The not being helpful side of things answers truthfully by not answering.  Because there’s probably nothing you ‘need to know’ right this moment and as you’re responsible for your own life and living it and they aren’t going to take over responsibility even for the direction of this answer, they just shrug it off.

So find the sweet spot between too general and too specific.  Point a direction that interests you.  Think of something you actually want or want to know about and then ask.  Because there is probably nothing you ‘need to know’ but there is a huge amount of information that would be good for you to know and if you ask you are giving others permission to tell you.  Remember, nobody is interested in unsolicited advice, however if you ask, it’s not really advice any more, it’s an answer and possibly wisdom.  🙂