Thanksgiving PiesThe holidays are a time when we tend to throw out any pretense we have to self-care or listening to our body’s wisdom. We get caught up in expectations, sensory overload, and a hectic time-table of activities which sweep us into situations we would never get into otherwise.  We drive when we’re too tired in conditions that aren’t safe, we forget that travelling long distances is a huge energy drain because it doesn’t seem like we’re doing much but sitting all the while we’re on high alert physically because of all the people we’re around and interacting with. We eat without restraint and then can’t figure out why our emotions seem out of sync with things or our energy levels rise and fall like waves in a perfect storm. We over stimulate ourselves and then can’t figure out why we have over reacted to something which we know is simple and we would normally completely ignore.

The best way to navigate this is to listen more, not less, to our body’s wisdom. Our physical self is specifically designed to ignore the extraneous and pay attention to the here and now.  It knows when you need more sleep, not less, when you need to walk away from a situation, when you need to stop eating or drinking this or that, and will lead you inexorably to what you truly need. The trick is not to make other people accept that, but to make your critical mind, your logical left brain task master who has the algorithm of what you should be doing and being to “Shut the HECK UP!!!”

The thing is, listening to your body wisdom can take the crazy out of the holidays.  We think that listening to our need to step back, have a time out, or not participate in some activity will make us less connected or seem withdrawn. It could, but in reality it helps you to be more connected and in the ways that are best not only for you but for everyone else. If you are listening to what you need and acting on that wisdom, you are supporting yourself so you can be the best you possible in this moment and those to come. You can therefore fully enjoy the glorious moments and cope much better with those that are not so much. As an added benefit, you doing this gives the ones you love permission to do it as well. And a holiday where people are being loving to themselves, listening to their body wisdom, being present for everyone around them, seems just about perfect.  And pie. There should be pie. Did I mention that?  My body wisdom says there should be pie….