There are really two reasons why people work with the Akashics.  One is to learn about ‘me’, either themselves or someone else, the other is to learn about ‘not me’ which really means anything else in the world other than a specific person. Most people want to know about ‘me.’  And that’s true of life as well so no surprises there.  They want to know who they were, why they are the way they are, why the are connected to so-n-so or not connected to so-n-so, why so-n-so did this, what that happened, and what’s coming next.  All good stuff and worthy of looking into.  Each person’s soul book has these records as well as a whole lot more with a couple of caveats.  It has information about other people only in as much as that information pertains to the person asking the question.  It won’t have a deep dive on someone else’s soul path, they psychology, their karma or any other thing of that nature.  So if someone is looking for insights into someone else’s soul, they might not get everything on their list.

The less explored side of things is ‘not me.’  In the ancient past people reached to the Akashics to understand the large questions about life such as ‘why is the world the way it is?’, ‘why are we here?’, ‘why is genocide a thing?’, ‘what is life full of suffering?’,’why poverty and death and disease?’…you get the drift.  Over time the questions have changed depending on the culture and the emphasis of the age.  During the Renaissance the questions were more focused on invention, on scientific facts, on the practical application of magic (which is science once the principles are understood) and so on.  During the industrial revolution the questions were more on finance, on invention in the realm of production, and on cultural changes.  And in the 20th century the questions delved more into whether or not the world was going to end and when and why and what could be done about it.

These, of course are very broad generalizations because for every period where questions tended to be specific about change in the world, there were segments of the population that felt called to look at the oldest of questions, ‘How does the Universe Work?’.  From the medicine people of the indigenous cultures, to the secret societies of Asia and Europe over the past 2000 years, from Theosophy in the 1800’s to now, and even today, there are those who are taking ‘not me’ to the levels of the cosmos.  There are books in the Library that cover every topic, that look into every mystery, and there are beings even now that are researching and bringing back ancient knowledge that has not been utilized for millennia and seeing how to weave it into our now and into the future.  And there is so much more in the Akashics than the Library to explore.

Don’t limit your questioning to ‘me’.  Broaden your horizons, open your mind to possibility and limitlessness.  Beyond ‘me’ is ‘not me’ in its infinite variety and bounty.  What new thing will your bring into being just by asking one simple question?