There times when you just have to tell yourself, “Nope, not today.”  When gravity seems to have gotten stronger and you have to struggle just to get upright and your inner voice is telling you about all the things you should do with your day…Nope.  Not today.  When you realize it’s been years since you had a day where you just did whatever the f**k you wanted and you see all the things that need to get done…Nope. Not today.  When everyone else’s needs changes from a comforting ambient noise, from a normal hum or rumble, and changes into a crashing cacophony which is threatening to tear you to shreds…Nope. Not today.

It’s a very good thing to say nope once in a while to our inner Sargent and to external forces.  Change is good.  What’s sad is how little we actually take of it.  Within my community there are periodically conversations because we’re all busy, hardworking, career oriented, with and without small children involved and we tend to forget that we’re human and need a break.  Then someone reports in on all that they had to do as compared to what actually got done that day which was a lot of “Nothin’, nothin’, carry the one…” merging into a feeling of pure relaxation, pleasure, peace and rejuvenation, usually culminating in a lovely meal in the evening and watching of some kind of visual entertainment.  (Most often a movie or binge watching something while in comfy clothes.)

If we don’t switch gears, say nope, acknowledge ourselves and replenish, then we wear out.  Oh, and btw, we also lose sight of why we’re doing all of this, which is to have a good life. It ain’t good if you ain’t havin’ one.  So before gravity pins you down, be proactive, take some time out, and say “Nope, not today.”  We’ll all be glad you did. 🙂