Our minds are amazing problem solvers.  If we start thinking about something, even vaguely, all of a sudden information start spooling out, ideas about what I could do with that, what could be, how I would do it differently, ‘hmmmm…I’d like to know more about that…’, and on and on.  Even if it’s just an acknowledgement that I don’t like it, don’t agree with it, or don’t want anything to do with it, the brain is active in resolving the issue of how I relate to whatever it is and how it fits into my world or doesn’t.

What minds are not good for is making the big decisions exactly for the reason above.  They are problem solvers.  Minds are mostly using the left brain side of things with some right brain concepts and spit balling creativity thrown in.   Except for the artists and those who choose a creative life and then life is right brain with the left brain working in tandem to help manifest the vision.  Minds aren’t good at deciding what makes our heart sing, what’s best for our soul, or what will bring us the most joy.  They are great at showing us the way to do those things once we’ve decided on them, but the decision is made elsewhere.

The body knows and communicates as best it can, many times in great detail when we are on the right track, when we aren’t, and where the issues are.  Our soul knows the right way to go and the direction to get there, but requires that we actually listen to it and act on what we hear.  Our emotions, when attended to, nurtured, and supported with appropriate boundaries and ethical actions are just as intelligent, knowledgeable and capable as our mind.  Most of the time we simply don’t acknowledge them or see them as a symptom and a weakness so they become relegated to a minor role in our lives and are unable to share their wisdom with us.  If we actually start paying attention to our emotions, listening to our body, acknowledging that they are directly connected to our souls and that the message they are telling is critically important, then decision making becomes easy.  Because the decision is usually already made and it’s a matter of acknowledging it openly that starts the ball rolling.

Once a decision has been made and we can acknowledge that for ourselves and accept it, then the mind steps up and starts acting on it.  And that’s the thing that frightens people the most.  Because instinctively we all know that’s the case.  Which is why so many people medicate or ignore or logic their feelings away and ignore what their bodies are telling them.  The message is too scary to her and if they hear it then they’ll start acting on it and everything will change.

But if you want to have things change for the better, that’s where it all starts.  Inside you, acknowledging what you already know.  So in 2014, don’t think about what it is you want to do or become.  You’ve already done that.  Start again.  Once again with feeling, please.