When it comes to healing, most of us have been taught that each symptom is like an uninvited guest.  Each has to be shown the door individually in order to get rid of them.  Sometimes there are a couple that arrived together and will leave together, but not often.  So there is a remedy for each one and they need to be treated separately.  Which can make it seem like you are a bouncer at a nightclub that never closes and where there is a never-ending stream of drunks that need to be booted.  After a while it just wears you down until you feel like this is the nature of your life.  A never-ending struggle to get well with wellness being forever out of reach.

However, coming from a holistic frame of mind, I have found in working with clients that not only is everything interconnected, but healing is a process, not a battle.  And the symptoms are not uninvited guests, but messengers pointing the way to change and growth and health.   The body is the last resort for signaling that there are issues that need to be addressed.  The body retains memory of events and trauma, will bear the brunt of abusive behavior, and will sacrifice almost everything to keep you alive.  Emotions can override any logic and will try all kinds of tricks in order to get their message across and be allowed to transmute or leave.  The mind, in its prismatic way, will be trying to get you to pay attention to the issue while you steadfastly try to avoid it making self-sabotage the order of the day and leaving the people around you wondering why you do the things you do.

All of this can be going off at any given time while your soul pines for health and well-being and the ability to be fully who you are.  Healing is a process of peeling this onion.  Starting with one part not only heals that symptom but moves healing into the next and then into the next.  Issues that you didn’t realize you had lie under the most urgent pain.  The amazing part of the healing process is the awareness comes when the pain starts to recede.  When we stop having to deal with the crisis of the moment we can be in our feelings, listen to the stories being told in our head, and start to see and feel what is really going on.  It’s in that moment that true healing begins.