There is a lot of resignation and long-suffering and just going through the motions that happens at Christmas time.  Some people like conflict and to stir things up, most have enough to do making sure the holidays happen they way they are supposed to and when the day comes they just want to slide into home plate with eggnog and Christmas dinner and sit in peace realizing it’s done for another year.  Yay!!!  We made it.  Don’t think about New Year…don’t think about New Year…don’t think about…

As in all things, moderation or middle ground is usually the healthiest way to go and picking your battles can really make a difference.  For people who end up arguing or picking fights or being frustrated and disgruntled, it could help to make a decision that you will only speak up once about the things that are bugging you and give the gift of silence and acceptance of all the rest.  It may be the more precious gift you can offer this year.

For those who always capitulate, act as the mediator, work tirelessly to meet everyone elses expectations and never say anything about what you need or want, it’s time to speak up.  Many people assume that the one’s we love know what we want and need therefore they are actively working to not do or give us those things.  *sigh*  It’s amazing how many of those closest to us can be incredibly blind to what’s in front of them and how they, rightly, do not take responsibility for our needs and wants getting met.  This year, resolve to speak up.  Pick on thing that you need, or even better that you want, and state it out loud to those who need to know.  You can leave it up to them as to how they implement this thing or you can choose to have it all mapped out for them and be non-negotiable.  But pick something, speak up for yourself, defend your right to be a part of the season and not the help, and see the real miracle of Christmas is that you’ll probably get it!

Yes, the Christmas season is about peace on earth, but peace comes from equality and harmony and interrelation.  So tone it down or turn it up and peace will come just that much closer for all of us.  🙂