Spring Equinox is just a few days away and world around me seems to be in that ferment of wrapping up all the loose ends while prepping for the new stage that is coming.  There was snow a couple of days ago, I’ve driven through hail, we’ve had torrential rain for the past two days, and yet there are daffodils in full bloom, the crocuses have been out for a couple of weeks, and my pierres are dripping blooms.  Meanwhile my snowdrop bush which only blooms in midwinter is just now in full swing which the bees are loving when they aren’t hiding out from the rain.  And the song birds are trying to get into the act while the weather takes a couple of breaks from the onslaught.

With all the moving and shaking that has been going on so far in 2012 it’s no wonder that things are active during this transition.  Spring is gearing up to be an active season as well so now is the time to get things healed up from all the structural changes that happened in Jan and Feb and get ready for movement in April.  Soon it will be time to take these new structures for a while and see what they can do, so make sure that everything is wrapped up, put away, in place and ready to go.  Who knows what miraculous things are yet in store?

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