When a new client books a reading with me, I send them a note confirming their phone number and asking what questions they have for the reading.  In the note I point out that this is to help me prep their soul book and any other documents we might need.  Which is intentionally vague because I don’t know what documents we might need until I see the questions.  Some clients make the totally logical assumption that this has somehow to do with Astrology and the charting process or some other means of getting intuitive information that can help pin point the answers they are looking for.  A large number of psychic readers and mediums request and rely on this information to make a connection with the client so that makes complete sense.  However, it’s not what I’m doing or why I’m requesting the information.

The client, by booking a reading, gives me permission to look at their soul book, the record of all that there is to know about this soul at this current time and even some information about their future as it is unfolding.  But it is also fairly limited to that.  In particular, if the client wants to know about a specific person in their life or why a person acted in a particular way and not in another, what I’m going to find in their book may not answer the question.  What is in a soul book is specific to the soul so it may contain hints about another soul’s motivations for things, it will definitely have details about specific events and a great deal of information as to all the threads that wove into the actions that occurred, but less than complete information about motivations or underlying factors for the other people involved.

Akashic ArchivistSo there are times when I go looking elsewhere to figure out the ‘Why?’ of it all.  One is to ask the client’s teacher.  If the person we’re asking about is actually a soul group member, then this teacher is their teacher as well and will have a great deal of insight that they may be willing to share.  I also can request that any guides who work with that individual and are willing to speak with me come before or during the reading to impart further information about the situation.  As for documents, while I don’t have permission to look at another person’s soul book, I do have the ability to pull up contracts.  Contracts are ‘public’ documents stored by the Archivists which detail what we have agreed to/are agreeing to do with another soul and why.  Contracts show both parties information including their motivations, what they agree to do, what they agree not to do, how they agree to do it, what they want to get out of it, etc, etc, etc…  Like a soul book, contracts are living documents and so what I see isn’t a script that is to be followed, but a collection of if/then statements that are affected by free will choices until the contract is complete by both parties.

During readings teachers have brought documents forward for my use such as relationship maps a soul group is using due to a collective goal they created prior to embodiment.  Other times supplementary books are brought in to give more insight into a career, a skill being learned, or an apprenticeship in process.  And these are just a few of the many documents that I have utilized during a reading.

Which is just more evidence that we are not islands, not even when it comes to our soul books.  We are interrelated and interconnected beings on all levels which means that even in the Akashics we are not living in a ‘paperless’ environment.  🙂