We have amazingly analytical brains.  We’re constantly looking, in taking information, then making patterns out of it.  Especially other people’s behavior.  We can fairly easily see an acquaintance pick the wrong type of man over and over, the boss making the worst decision for the department, again, or actor in the horror flick reaching for that closet door.  “Don’t do it!”  It can be harder to see the patterns in those close to us.  We can see some because they are habits that interact with us and require us to modify our lives, good or bad.  But most of the time we don’t see the patterns because we are too close.  We are involved in the actions as they occur and so we can’t see the overall or analyze the motivations in the moment like we can from an emotional distance.

And as we are most definitely emotionally involved with ourselves (there are exceptions to every rule, but I doubt sociopaths read my blog) we are most blind to our own patterns or to the patterns that influence us on a daily basis or long-term in our lives.  We just can’t be objective enough to really pull back and see it all.  Which is why we look for people who know us and are able to talk to us truthfully about such things or we seek outside help to see in.  The Akashic Records is one means of doing this.  Your Soul Book is specifically the kind of objective record that you can use to see the patterns in your life.  And, even better, it does a lot of analysis for you concerning your past and the future opportunities that are available to you.  Plus it has a record of the reasoning behind quite a bit of what has occurred which can really help in understanding the patterns.

If you can see the patterns in your own life you can make better choices in the now.