Have you ever felt hopeless?  Ever felt like the way things are is the way it has always been and will always be and there’s nothing you can do to change it?  Haven’t we all?  Believe me, you are not alone in that feeling.

The hard part is that, while you’re in that feeling, you can be blind to the opportunities that are available to you, the small things that you can do that can change things.  Or you know what can change things but it’s too frightening to think about actually doing it so you make excuses to yourself and everyone else about why it’s just not feasible to do that.  Or doing what you know will change things means giving up this one thing that actually makes it all bearable and you can’t possibly do that.

Life is difficult and very rarely is it easy sailing and tropical breezes.  However, your Soul is limitless and never confined by any particular situation or moment in time.  You are never truly ‘stuck’ in anything or anywhere.  You are constantly becoming and have the ability to decide a great deal about how that becoming proceeds.  Your Soul book in the Akashic records can help.  While it won’t make choices for you or even necessarily point you in one direction or another, it will show you the possibly outcomes in detail should you make one change or another.  Which is amazingly handy for taking the anxiety and/or fear out of a situation.  And your guides are usually also available to give you advice and help in these situations.  Free will is always in play so the decision is yours, but having objective information about outcomes can make changing things a bit less scary.