I’ve talked about soul groups before and you can see a general description of them here:  Soul Groups.

Soul groups are a part of each reading I do for my clients because I invite any soul group members that are home at the time of the reading to come and listen in. Clients are sometimes confused by this thinking that these people are coming forward with messages for them, but this is not the case.  Not all beings in the Akashics are able to communicate with embodied beings.  It takes specific skills  to be able to penetrate the physicality we live in and reach our minds or hearts, which are busy almost 24/7.  Most souls haven’t learned nor do they need those skills.  Which means soul group members don’t have direct access with their siblings once the embodied life begins.  During a reading I provide a bridge through the reading process so they can see and hear and be in contact again with their loved on.  So they come to listen.

I find it important to talk about soul groups for another reason and that is this notion of Soul Mates.  It’s a concept that has a very large influence on the thoughts of people in the Western world that is out of sync with the reality of life.  Not everyone has a soul mate and I highly recommend not taking that route to find a happy and healthy relationship for your life.  Setting up embodied lives with a soul mate component is like throwing two darts towards each other from several thousands miles away and hoping that they hit each other in the middle.  Everything can and will interfere with their reaching that goal and if they do manage to reach it they are so banged up and traumatized and it has taken so long that the rewards, while emotionally fantastic, are limited and of short duration.

It’s not that I haven’t seen these situations work out.  I have.  But for the most part, soul makes is not a concept that is in play in people’s lives.  But we do tend to look for them and therefore confuse the meeting of a soul group member with meeting a soul mate. We recognize people from our soul group because we have known them intimately since our creation.  We recognize them no matter what body they are in or under what circumstances we meet them.  And the relationship we have with them is usually deep because they ‘get’ us.  And everyone likes that feeling and longs for it because we remember it from being at home.  But that confusion can lead to emotional and logistical issues if we’re not careful.

Michael Newton has written two wonderful books that include information concerning soul groups and how they interact with each other.  I highly recommend them for anyone who is interested in learning more.  You can find them and other books concerning the Akashics here:  Akashic Resources