“It takes a village….”  Well, yes it does.  For a soul to become embodied and live a life in the physical takes a village and then some.  It is not automatic for a soul to enter into a body.  And it’s not something we do easily nor are any of us automatically proficient at it.  There are beings in the Akashics whose role is to help us enter into developing infants and help us make that transition from telempathic beings with no form to condensed and enveloped entities integrated with matter.  And our soul group and teacher are available at any instant to help us transition from embodied life into telempathic beings once again.  Because that movement can be at the minimum disorienting and confusing before it becomes a relief and a joy.

In between those two points is life.  Which is neither predestined nor predetermined.  Free will exists and we use it each and every second that we are alive no matter what form we’re in.  Life is full of the magic of serendipity, of the path less traveled, and random circumstance.  And to those who say ‘there’s a grand plan and there is a point to everything and all happens for a reason…blah…blah…blah’ I say, read a soul book, any soul book, and you’ll see that this is not the case.  It may make things easier to bear, it might let people feel that they aren’t responsible for the outcomes of things, but it isn’t true any more than that there is no point to everything and nothing happens for a reason.  Like everything else the reality lies somewhere in between.  Which makes life an amazingly rich, magical, terrifying and joyful place to be and fires me up everyday to see what happens next.

And this is why embodied life takes a village.  We preplan, extensively, how we want our life to go.  We contract with other beings to fulfill the roles we need, we set out goals and obligations and a full bucket list of things to experience.  Then we let fly.  Because the point of being embodied is to experience life differently than how we live at home in the Akashics.  It’s about condensing ourselves into a container, like steam cooling back into water, and experiencing ourselves undiluted by others thoughts and feelings.  Learning connection in an entirely different way, but learning ourselves without any interference and seeing ourselves without masks or distractions or excuses.  It is the definition of ‘me time’.  To achieve that one of the body’s jobs is to help us forget what and who we are when we are not embodied.  Which means we forget all the preplanning that happened before we left.  Add in free will and the whole thing would go out the door.

Enter the spiritual village, our guides or guardian angels who look out for us.  They can’t take away our free will which means what they can do is limited, but they can help nudge us in the right direction, can answer questions if we actually ask them, and, within the limits of what we have agreed to before hand, they can intervene with us when we get off the track we have set for ourselves in a way that would keep us from our large bullet point goals.  Each guide has a function or a role in helping us through life.  Some are supportive of career choices, some are to help us through childhood.  One common role is of ‘imaginary friend’ to help us as young children.  Some can be protectors that help keep us out of trouble we don’t even realize we’re getting into.  Some support our family relationships or intimate ones.  Some inspire us like the muses of old.  Some are the voice of conscience when we need it most.  Others support us when we need courage or dissuade us when we might go too far astray.

They are not gods, they are not omniscient, omnipotent, or even omnipresent.  Which means that they are basically just like us only not in bodies.  They make mistakes, get distracted, sometimes obsess, have opinions and have emotions about things.  But they are here for us.  They are the cheering squad that supports our actions every day and seek to make our lives the best they can be given what we have come here to do and be.  And that’s something to take to heart and celebrate.  Because it takes a spiritual village…