luke_yodaContinuing with the mythology of our day, Star Wars, we are given wonderful examples of the teacher and the student archetypes.  Luke has all kinds of teachers along the way, from Obi Wan the father figure of childhood, to Darth Vader the father figure of adulthood that shocks us into the reality that parents are people too, to Yoda the medicine elder that teaches us about our true natures and forces us to stretch into what could be.

Because its mythology all of the characters are iconic, operatic, exaggerated and yet they are all true to themselves and to the world.  Ok, very few people actually act or talk like Yoda, but then again how many 1 foot tall green people with elf ears do you know?  It’s mythology not a reality show.  Look underneath the puppets used to play out the myth and you find the truths.  Such as the fact that there are teachers who seem to speak in riddles because they are not there to spoon feed us their reality, but to help us discover our own.  Which brings us to Luke and his tree epiphany.

So if you know anything about Star Wars you know about the tree scene where Yoda warns him that there’s no need to bring his weapon because there is nothing in there but what he brings.  And so Luke, seeming to do exactly the opposite of what Yoda tells him, takes his light saber and forges in looking for trouble.   And Yoda sighs and shakes his head.  I like to think it’s not because of Luke’s folly, but in Yoda’s futile hope that somehow this one student will learn the lesson the easy way rather than the hard way.  So he’s really sighing about his own folly.  But I digress…in reality Luke is doing exactly what Yoda pointed out to him.  He’s bringing himself into the situation and so will confront himself, which he does in truly mythic style.  It is the operatic way of finding out that no matter what you are doing, there you are.  Or you can’t run away from yourself.  *add trite meme here*

The tree is a metaphor for the Akashics as well.  Because it is a conversation and we bring half of it, what we encounter there is in part based on ourselves and our needs and our perspective at the moment.  It’s weird that we would think otherwise as if the world around us doesn’t respond to us somehow.  What troubles us, who we are, who we are attempting to become is all part of the conversation we enter into in the Akashics and so it responds just like any other person would.  Sometimes it responds directly, sometimes it responds obliquely, somethings it responds not to the message but the underlying message implied in what we are saying and doing.  Just like anyone we have ever met at a party, any peer we talk with at lunch, any friend we meet up with and every date we’ve ever had.   And conversation flows like quick silver so we and the Akashics can flip back and forth between all of these within minutes.

So listen to the wisdom of Yoda.  Let the truth under the mythology guide you in life.  When you are confronted with something in the Akashics that is confusing or a bit frightening or not what you expected, remember, this is what Luke felt as well.  But there is nothing in the conversation that you didn’t bring with you, right? So there is nothing that can harm you, nothing that is out to get you, unless that’s what you brought with you.  And even then, it’s just a reflection of you, not the real thing.  Just because you brought the light saber, and just because you swing it doesn’t mean that you hit anything. Other than the illusion of you.  Although the ‘ah ha’ moment might feel like it hit you upside the head.  Just sayin’…