Periodically I get requests from people for information on how to become certified in my method of reading the Akashic records.  They want to know how they can be a certified reader.  Most often they are looking for information on where I teach that online, what my certification requirements are, and how long it will take.  On the one hand I understand this.  I mean, how can you know if you want to do something if you don’t know what it entails and “you don’t get what you don’t ask for.”  But on the other hand I’m somewhat taken aback, mostly by the assumptions wound into the questions.

It reminds me of the beginning level yoga student who asks all kinds of questions about becoming an instructor.  On the one hand, information is good.  How can you achieve something unless you know what direction to head.  On the other, good grief!  Do you even know whether you like yoga yet or if it’s a good fit for you personally?  Do you know what it will do for your body and your life?  You’ll definitely need to know that if you’re going to teach.  Also, there are skills specific to teaching and to teaching a physical activity which you’ll have to learn too.  Plus, what if you’re not any good at yoga?  I mean, those that can’t do, teach is a thing in the arts, but not really in something like yoga.

Same idea with Akashic readings.  It’s one thing to be able to read your own record.  Most people who work with my methods acquire a basic facility with the material and are able to navigate their own practice with their soul book and that is usually passive in that they ask question and allow the book to provide it for them.  Few move on through my Lvl II class or with private sessions to become proficient at actively utilizing the book as the encyclopedia it is.  To do so requires proficiency with all the various sections of a soul book and the various ways in which they operate. Reading for another person requires that the reader be able to navigate multiple sections at one time, be able to track where information is cross referenced as well as possibly reading other documents such as contracts or other books to supplement the information in a soul book because it doesn’t necessarily have everything a reader might need.  Then, beyond the skill to read at speed, there’s also the ethics and practices around being a practitioner. Like being a life coach or therapist a reader needs to understand boundaries and self-care and right action to keep the session positive and healthy both for the reader and the client.

So I am more than willing to certify others to read the Akashics in the manner that I do.  After taking both my classes and working with me personally to demonstrate proficiency as well as completing a number of sessions successfully reading for others with supervision and passing an ethics exam I would certify the person ready for public service.  Most people who ask aren’t interested in that level of dedication. They assume that it’s something they can do in a minimum amount of time or pick up on the weekends and add it to their collection of things they do.  So I’ll go back to my summer reading and wait for the next person to ask…