We are taught to be productive.  Most of us will learn to do this for others, fulfilling tasks set for us by employers, but also for groups and family because that’s what’s expected of us.  We’ll take on the roles and the jobs and the masks that people have told us to and will become achievement engines which grind out amazing amounts of product, meeting goal after goal year after year, all to make enough money to do what we want, have what we want, but never being what we want.

What’s amazing is that we learn to see these achievements as mundane, irrelevant, expected, normal, nothing for which we should be proud.  We erect a huge wall between our identity and our achievements and so work ourselves into exhaustion day in/day out and yet feel as if we’ve accomplished nothing, are personal failures, and wonder how we could possibly even start to work towards having the life we want.  Our lives are filled with the cacophony of our achievement engine building worlds for other people which we can’t hear because we live on the other side of the wall. If we notice it we ascribe it to other people doing amazing things because we know we’re incapable.  Haven’t we proved it by having done nothing for so long?

Time to tear down the wall.  That achievement engine that works for other people can work for us just as well.  The ability to learn new skills when told to, we can tell us to learn something new.  That ability to work 8-10 hours a day doing something tedious, we could turn that into twice as much productivity doing something we love and want to do which would further our dreams.  Think what you could get done in 8-10 hours of dedicated concentration on you!  All that team work and team building and no how that helps you get everyone working in unison so that things run smoothly?  That’s great stuff when you need help and support to get the job done and get that much closer to the goal.

You’re an amazing manifestation machine.  Start harnessing that energy to build the life you want to have, not 10 years from now or 5 but right now.  You do it for others, now’s the time to do it for you.