Working in the Akashics is somewhat like doing dream interpretation.  In both dreams and interactions with the Akashics all communication or meaning is symbolic.  Which could mean that the message is complex, is simple, is ironic, is in your face, is subtle and everything in between.   The key to understanding and getting the meaning from it is to perceive it as a conversation.

A dream, in general, is a conversation the rest of you is having with your mind.  You can think of this as the subconscious, but I personally find that too limiting an understanding of what is going on and somewhat negative.  Too many times we are lead to believe that the unconscious is lurking below everything with its own agenda try to subvert our efforts to live a good and healthy life.  Which is just icky.  But I digress.  Dreams are a means for us to make meaning of our lives in a holistic way and to do so we use the most direct and condensed means possible, which is symbolic language.  Because why use a thousands words when one symbol will do, right?

So dream books and books of symbols should help us decode dreams, one would think.  But most of the time they don’t.  A good book on symbols can give you information about how a symbol has been interpreted by others.  And that can have a great deal of relevance for you, lead you to ‘aha’ moments, help unfold meaning you didn’t realize was there, even give you the key to the dream.  But the real key is that only the people having the conversation know what was truly meant.  This is true of any conversation we have.  Others can parse it and give opinions, but in the end only the participants were there and only they know for certain what they meant and what they got out of the conversation.  Since a dream is a conversation between you and you, the only person who can truly know what it means is you.  Others can guide you, support you, give you insights, but in the end you are the one that will know when you know what it all means.

The same is true in the Akashics.  When you are there you are in conversation with at least one if not many beings and receiving guidance along the way.  So you are one party to a conversation that includes give and take just like talking with anyone else.  But the communication is symbolic.  Places, events, things, people, animals, all the forms and the colors, the experiences are all coded with meaning in every aspect.  And while I or others can give advice, share our insights and experiences, in the end, what the conversation means is really up to you.  Because you are the one that is there.  You are the one with the perspectives and the history and the path to follow.  It’s your journey and only you can walk it.  Which can seem frustrating when you are starting out because everything is new and everything takes an effort to decode.  But if you look at it as an exciting puzzle where every new piece makes the picture clearer, you’ll get through it with a lot more joy.

So trust what you feel or what you think you know, because you do.  Truly you do.



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