A client came to me with a question about something a psychic had told them.  They said the information came from the Akashics and so it must be true, but it didn’t seem true, didn’t match the reality of the situation, and just plain ole didn’t make sense.  So they wanted to know what I thought about it.  The first thing I pointed out is that saying information comes from the Akashics is like saying that fish come from the Pacific ocean.

So what? What kind of fish?  Where in the Pacific ocean?  It’s a pretty big place and amazingly varied in all kinds of ways like temperature, environment, ecosystems, coast line, depth….you get my drift.  Most psychic information either comes from the Akashics or comes from a being that is currently working in the Akashics.  That means next to nothing and certainly doesn’t make the information true or relevant.  And if it came from a being in the Akashics, it is their interpretation given to someone who then interpreted it for you.  The spiritual ‘telephone’ game, as it were.  Beings in the Akashics are no more or less likely to be wise or knowledgeable about the question than anyone here.  They are less likely to be spiteful or mean, which is saying something, but that’s not necessarily helpful if the information they give you doesn’t answer the question. most beings over there are well meaning and will seek to help to the best of their ability, but who they are, what they know, and what their skills are is something the psychic should be knowledgeable about or at least aware of so they can proceed accordingly.

So the issue isn’t “Did this information come from the Akashics?” but “What is the source of this information in the Akashics and how did the psychic access it?”  The answers to this question resolve a couple of things for the client.  It gives them an idea how accurate the information will be, how many steps removed it is from source data and that kind of thing, and it also gives them knowledge about the psychic or reader that they are working with.