Blessings to all the wonderful mothers out there who are doing the amazing job of mothering the people they love. We need more of you.  Ever considered being cloned?  No… well keep doing what you’re doing so others can learn from your example.

My love and support and reverence for those who have survived mother’s who were not doing an amazing job.  To those who made it through a childhood with mother’s that took rather than gave, that depended on you rather than holding you up, that made you think childhood was about dealing with her issues instead of recognizing your own.  You are not broken and you are not alone.

My sincere gratitude for those who have survived when the women who biologically produced them were torturers, sadists, child molesters or pedophiles. Their courage to not only survive, but thrive and create healthy fulfilling lives fills me with awe. These stories require telling, especially on this day.  This Mother’s Day, let us remember that biology doesn’t make a woman into a mother, her choices and her actions do.