Most days there is plenty enough to do to get through the day.  Work and groceries and cooking and hobbies and family and the list goes on and on.  Between trying to be who we are or figure out who we are and trying to be what others need us to be or who we choose to be with others, plus get the bills paid and keep everything together, our energy is pretty well invested. I believe that’s one reason why we are so touched by those who serve.   They take time out of their day to help others to be of service to others, to do and be something that makes the world a better place and because someone needs to do it.  And often if you point out that not everyone would do such a thing, they just look at you blankly like, why not?  I do.  *shrug*

Sometimes I get frustrated with people who are sitting around saying, “There’s nothing to do.”.  Besides the fact that there is a whole world out there full of possibilities and we live in a society today where more than we could ever experience is available practically at our fingertips, let along 5000+ channels of cable where it is still possible to find nothing worth watching.  There are always things to do that are fascinating and amazing and wonderful.  But there are also things that would really help out others that just need a warm body to do them.  One of my favorites is Habitat for Humanity.  They gather donations and build houses for families that desperately need them and can’t afford them.  And the families help build them as well.  You don’t have to have any construction experience at all, just sign up and show up.  They make it as easy as possible and make living a decent life possible for those who can’t.

So perhaps, next time you’re bored or you feel worn out from all that you have been doing and need a bit of a recharge and a change in perspective or attitude, try being of service.  Try finding someone who needs something done.  Perhaps there’s an elderly neighbor down the block that needs yard work done or a hospice that could use a couple of hours of your time, an organization that works with new mothers who need some childcare so they can get much-needed sleep, the local Audubon society which always needs help with animals and projects.  Just whatever strikes your fancy would be a great help.  Because it not only takes a village, we are the village and everything we can do helps all of us.