Consecration is not a single act, although it is most often associated with the pomp and ceremony of initially opening a space.  Consecration is an ongoing process, an act repeated and reiterated through time building layers of dedication and actions like the rings of a tree, which grows in stature and majesty year on year.  Each act, each day in which we participate in connecting with sacred space as represented in a specific building, altar or room adds to the consecration of the space and deepens our connection to the Universe and its mystery.  This can be felt distinctly in churches that have stood for hundreds of years, in holy or pilgrimage sites, and in geographic areas where indigenous people have interacted with the Great Mystery for centuries.

As individuals we often think that our actions are small and ineffectual when measured against others who have power, against things that seem larger than us, stronger than us, or extremely incomprehensible.  Who are we, such insignificant people, to make any impact on anything?  Doesn’t it make sense that our lives are brief, our impact negligible, just as the tides wash away our footprints and weeds take over what land we attempt to own?  Aren’t we shown through every vagary of the weather, tornado, tsunami, draught, flood, hurricane, that we are nothing and easily swept aside? But each of us is part of the numinous, both unique from and yet interconnected and central to All that Is. Each action we take, each thought we harbor, each emotion we feel, each feeling we express, radiates from us like the tones of a chime.  They can be harmonious or discordant, but they ring out and everything they touch is affected!  And like grains of sand in a container each one added to the others, over time, fills the jar.  The deserts of Egypt used to be ocean!  Who you are is powerful and what you do is valuable and aids us all.  The wonder of it all is that we have the ability to choose what actions we take, the ability to control our thoughts, to some extent, and the ability to change our emotions,  which are powers very few other beings possess. Each of us has not only the ability but the opportunity to influence our surroundings everyday through who we are and what we do.  And the most readily available place to do so is your home.  It is the place you have consecrated to living your life.  And as all things are part of the Universe and interact with it, so your home has accepted you and lives with you in partnership.