What if your life were not a linear progression?  What if time and the next thing and the next thing and the next thing weren’t guiding factor of your life?  What would it look like?  Western culture teaches us the importance of time, the finiteness of life, and that everything is cause and effect in black and white duality.  We learn this from our parents, from the media, from school, and we come to believe that it is true.

But there are other ways to perceive the world.  There is an entire world of cultures out there that see things differently.  What if your perspective came from Buddhism, in a world where the deities incarnate in bodies and walk among us?  What if your perception was that the most important thing in the world was to experience stillness?  What if peacefulness was an active principle you felt in your body and it became so powerful it vibrated you like you were inside a ringing bell?  What would your life be like then?

What if your perspective was Native American?  Where each of the four directions is an active principle and your life is lived, not in linear time, but as a wheel so that you spiral through your life experiencing everything from 360 degree aspects instead of just one?  If everything you went through was an experience of beginning in the East, exploration and joy in the South, responsibility and productivity in the West, and wisdom and healing in the North which leads you to a new beginning in the East?  If time is not important but process and experience is, what does your life look like?  If nothing is linear and the next moment is valuable because of how you choose to experience it, not what it gives you, who do you become?

Challenge your preconceived notions of who you are in the moment.  You are more than just a linear moment in time.