So it’s the new year. What get’s you excited about all this vast expanse of possibility laid out before you?  What makes you want to get up out of bed in the morning?  Do you drag your sorry behind up because you have to and wish you didn’t or are you jumping up to dance around with the knowledge that another day of pure joy and delight is ahead of you?  Or are you somewhere in the middle sipping your second cup of coffee and trying to balance it all?

Now is the time for making wishes and working to make them come true.  The challenge is not to turn your back on 2011 because if you do all the lessons about success and defeat and trial and error…all that you have gained by experience will be forgotten and you’ll start all over again doing the same damn things a different way and reach 2013 none the wiser but more tired.  For those that don’t get the drift, please don’t do that. Ok?  Please?

Be honest, be fair, be truthful, if only with yourself, about what you have learned in 2011 and don’t go charging off on some new adventure until you have that clear.  Because if you don’t it may look like a new adventure, but it might be a ‘second verse same as the first’ adventure which is not fun in the end.  Choose to accept the experience and wisdom you have gained from 2011, mix it with what gets you dancing the morning, finish that cup of coffee, then go out and enjoy the blessings of the day.  Because one of the greatest joys in life is living your dreams and dancing your life with your arms wide open.