You have a need that radiates from the center of your soul.  You have a plan that is the best means for your to get that need met.  You do everything listed in the plan in the right way in the right order….

And yet your need doesn’t get met.

That is the most terrible, heartbreaking, sit on the floor and howl, place to be. I know. I’ve been there.

So first, howl. I know.  It’s a bit undignified, it draws attention, and could be considered a public nuisance.  However, if you don’t howl with your outside voice now, you’ll destroy yourself later with that internal voice that howls at you for not howling and for so much more that isn’t true until all you can hear is the sound of howling which no one else hears.

So howl and when you are done, and you will be done at some point I promise, look around you.  You’ll have fresh eyes and you will see that there are more paths to get your need met than you realized and while the best and shortest one didn’t work, another one probably will.  And with all the howling you have probably got the attention of friends and family that are willing to help you on the path.

And when you are reading to start walking, unbelievable as it seems now, you will…

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