Master Your Akashic Record

Reading Your Soul Book In The Akashics

Once a student has mastered navigation and communication within the Akashics and has been introduced to the basics of interacting with their Akashic Record or Soul Book, they are able to Begin reading it in earnest.  This class provides the means for students to delve into their soul book as a resource for their lives here and now as well as to remember who and what they are in the greater context of life.

An Akashic Record or Soul Book has 7 Distinct Sections:

  • Past Lives – a detailed record of every past life in chronological order.
  • Reintegration – a record of the meaning each past life had for the soul, for all the souls who participated, and how it is a part of the entire web of existence.
  • Soul Identity – information concerning your Higher or True self when you are not embodied.
  • Career – What service, specialization, role or career your soul performs when not embodied.
  • Current Life Plan – the detailed live record of what you planned for this life, how it is playing out in real-time and what opportunities are yet to come.
  • Relationship Map – An interactive map of how you are connected to everyone who has been in your life, is in your life now, and might possibly come into your life in the future.
  • Opportunity Map – The schematized map of every event in your current life with all the possibilities and opportunities laid out in box and line format

This 8 lesson course will guide you through a tour of each section, providing you techniques and tips for learning how to work with them skillfully. As some sections are difficult to read while embodied you will also have the opportunity to meet with your primary spiritual teacher in the Akashics who will offer you insight into your soul and guidance on how to reconnect with it in your everyday life.

  • Each lesson contains an guided meditation in both written and audio forms to help you actively read the wisdom of your Soul Book.