The Akashic Records hold a record or book of every soul that has ever existed.  That book is not only a history of everything the soul has ever done, but is also a guide to the purpose of that soul in this lifetime.  It is a record of all the guidance that the soul’s spiritual advisers gave during preparation for this life as well as a resource for help along the way and support for succeeding.

You can access your soul book directly without learning how to be a medium and without the intercession of Akashic Masters.  Through guided meditations you can access the Akashics consciously and directly, interact with the beings that reside there, and read the wisdom contained in the book of your soul.

For those who are interested in learning to access the Akashic Records directly or want to take their experience of their soul books to the next level, I offer personalized instruction.  For one hour we will work together through a combination of discussion and Akashic exploration/meditation. Each session is unique, designed specifically for the student’s needs and interests.

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In each session I will enter into the Akashics with you, see what you are seeing, guide you through the experience in real time, providing insights and introductions along the way.  I am able to talk with your guide(s) during sessions, lead you through additional areas of the Akashics beyond the Akashic Library and the Temple of Life, and adjust the session on the fly to maximize your learning experience.

For those who struggle to enter into the Akashics directly I am able to provide support and instruction to discover the difficulty and help you move beyond it.

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