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I'm offering live classes monthly on Patreon

Each class we go into the Akashics together and practice the skills necessary to read soul books, then afterwards there is a Q & A session. Students can share their experience, ask questions, and get clarification on what next to practice. I also offer tips and tricks for getting better clarity out of the experience.

These classes are for patrons only (all levels have access to the classes), but it's easy to become one and you can see more details here: There are no other prerequisites to joining class, but it can be helpful if you know the methods I use for Akashic journeys. If you've taken any of my online classes or followed any of the meditations I offer in my podcasts/weekly teaching emails/ articles then you're good to go. If you haven't yet, I offer a bunch of them for free on my website: Freebies

Come join our community as we explore the Akashics and our soul books together. Live Classes
Find Your Soul Purpose in the AkashicsAkashic Records Level I:

Teri Uktena presents a class through

You can now learn the secrets of how to reach the Akashics directly to read the records of your soul in the Akashic Library. The class will teach you how to reach the Akashics, how to interact with the beings who keep the records there and how to work with your Soul Book to learn who you really are. This eight lesson class is presented through and is self-serve. No waiting for a particular date to start, it’s ready for you at any time.

Find the class and more information here: Akashic Record Level I

Reading Your Soul Book In The AkashicsAkashic Record Level II:

Teri Uktena presents a class through

Delve deeper into your Soul Book in the Akashic Library. This class takes you further into your book by teaching you to read each of the 7 sections. You'll learn the specifics of a different section each week. From past lives to the road map of what lies ahead of you, this class will teach you have to explore your soul book in a way that has never before been available to the general public. This eight week class is presented through and is self-serve.

Find the class and more information here: Akashic Record Level II

Find Your Calling In The AkashicsFind Your Calling In The Akashics

*Coming Soon to*

Each of us has a calling, an option to not only fulfill our purpose but to expand upon it. We have the ability to discover and co-create a life of ‘yes/and’ which can move our life from amazing to exceptional, which is the answer to ‘what if.’ This class provides you access to Akashic Mentors who will help you delve into deep aspects of your soul and create a life that fulfills your calling not only for this time but for all time.

Find the class and more information here: Find Your Calling in the Akashics

*Coming Soon*