The Akashic field or Akashics is a field of life force which permeates and structures the Universe in its entirety, from the smallest particle to the largest star field and all the laws that govern it.  From the beginning of all things it has existed.  Scientists from a multitude of fields who currently work on aspects of the Theory of Everything or TOE are coming to realize that this field exists and is as ever-present and necessary as gravity or electromagnetics. Their studies and theories and conclusions are leading more and more of them to an understanding of its existence which indigenous cultures all over the planet have known for millennia.  This life is not all that exists in the Universe and being physical is only part of what we are.

The Akashics is a physical field which sets the stage for the Universe to function, but it is also a place.  Just as light is both a particle and a wave depending on how we interact with it, the Akashics can be either a field or a place. Most people, if they have heard about the Akashics at all, have heard them called the Akashic Records.  This is because people most often experience the Akashics through the Akashic Records, that part which is most closely related to humans as they live physical lives.

The Akashic Records, or the Library, is a place where records about everything that exists or has ever existed are kept.  Just as we contain the memories of what we have been and where we have come from, the Akashics too keeps a memory of everything.  Each soul, each being has a record of all they have been and all they are now.  This is what most medicine people, psychics, and spiritual beings reach out to when helping people to seek help or guidance from other realms.  Each soul’s record, what I term a Soul book, contains the entire historical record of the experiences they have had, their plans for their current incarnation, and an ongoing record of their life in this physical form.

The Akashic Records is a place of study for those who wish to reconnect with an understanding of who they truly are through their Soul Book, for those who wish to learn more about specific subjects, and for those who wish to continue their education in how to embody more of their full potential.  It is also a place where people can reconnect with their guides and teachers, with specialists and masters, where soul groups can reunite and where souls can rediscover the knowledge that they are unconditionally loved and wanted and accepted.

The Akashic Records is not a place beyond the reach of mere mortals, but is available to everyone.  It is normal for people to go there often during sleep in order to process experiences that they have had and receive more training and support.  But this must be interpreted through dreams and most often disappears from conscious memory once the waking mind returns to the fore.  To reach the Akashic Records with the conscious mind takes training and practice, but can open doors to wisdom and healing that people never thought they could possibly achieve.  Whether you work with someone who can access the Akashic Records for you or you learn how to reach them yourself, reconnecting with your true self and experiencing who you truly are will change your life.