We carry within us the ability to achieve our financial, relationship, and personal goals.  But most of us seem always held back by bad luck, bad choices, or a need that keeps us from our goals.

The reasons why this occurs can be mystifying and random if you are unable to see the bigger picture.  The answers are written in each person’s Soul book in the Akashic Records.  A reading of your Soul book can help you see the bigger picture and gain clarity on what you can do to break this cycle.  It can help you see ways in which to improve your career or change to one that better suits your needs.  It can help you find a way to better personal relationships and better circumstances so you can be with that someone who gives you happiness and joy, who can support you in being the best person you can be.

Many of our habits and choices are informed by experiences we have had in previous lives or are triggered to help us work through lessons we have set for ourselves in this life.

Change Your Life

Teri Uktena works to help people change their lives, to help them achieve their dreams, find divine purpose, and achieve happiness through Akashic Readings. She works with clients to help them remember the spiritual goals they have set for themselves in this life, the true and glorious perfected spirit they are even today, and the opportunities and challenges that await them in the now and in the future.

“Life isn’t easy for the majority of us and everyone needs help along the way.  Information from the Akashics can support you in your current concerns as well as your long-term goals.” -Teri Uktena

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