We have such a craving for super powers or ESP or anything paranormal.  There are lots of science fiction movies and tv shows out there and shows that claim to be ‘reality’ about these things.  I personally enjoyed “Men Who Stare At Goats”.  However I think some of this stems from our own personal, physical experience that there is more out there.  We have been taught to ignore our experiences of it, to credit only what our cultures perceives as useful, rational, provable, and marketable.  And that which is, ultimately, controllable.

However, affinities don’t fit into these roles.  Affinities are like empathy in that they help us feel, know, understand someone or something other than ourselves.  Like the mechanic that ‘just gets’ engines or the ‘natural’ pilot or the person who gets along with any and all animals.  These people have and use their affinities.  We think of these people as lucky or unique or special (shortbus or otherwise) or odd or quirky, but definitely not normal and not like ‘me’.  But that’s the rational structure that everyone has been taught to believe.  When we were young we all had affinities.   We all felt the wonder of flight when we were close to birds, the thrill of the hunt when we watched a cat in the grass stalking, the movement of water over rocks.  It’s the stuff that poets keep with them all their lives and helps them express those feelings in words.  But everyone has it and can re-access it.

What do you have an affinity for?  What drew you as a child?  What made you curious to figure out more?  Was it animals, plants, making things, how things work, what makes things tick? Was it finding out what is beyond the next hill or what is living in the hill you live on?  Find what you have an affinity for and stretch the boundaries of what you have been taught into the boundaries of who you truly are.