I see a dichotomy in how people who work with the Akashics perceive that experience.  Some see it as a means to get answers to questions they have about themselves in this life.  Which, ironically, includes learning about their past lives.  There are some people who are interested in their past lives just to find out what is there and whether they were Cleopatra or Napoleon, but for the most part people are looking for insights into how to make this life better.  Whether they are going to Akashics yourself, having a medium seek out guidance from the Akashics, or having a reader go look at their information themselves in whatever way they do that, they are looking for answers about this life.

The other way that people perceive the Akashics as somewhat like a trip into the world of Alice in Wonderland.  It’s a journey that makes no sense at first, comes to have its own logic, which still makes no sense, and seems not only divorced from reality, but to be fantastical for the sake of fantasy.  And most of us have an innate love of fantasy, of tall tales, of myths and legends and faery tales and so the Akashics becomes one more fantasy adventure with no relevance to this life.  Some people are attracted to this and delve further into it, some find it a lovely diversion, like going to a theme park, and then go back to their regular lives as if nothing happened.  And still others dismiss it all as stories they are making up in their head.

There is a third option that people seem to deselect.  I’m still unsure if this is because they are taught that only mystics and ‘special’ people are called to interact with the Akashics this way or it just doesn’t occur to them.  Hopefully over time it will make more sense to me or I can help resolve the issue.  Aspects of these two perspectives, these two experiences can be combined into a means of interacting with the Akashics in order to improve real life through in depth self discovery.  The idea is to enter into the Akashics with questions, but instead of seeking an authority to answer them or a book to read about them, to enter into conversation with the Akashics itself.  Unlike conversations with other people where the listener has an agenda and it is rare to find someone who will truly listen and acknowledge the conversation being imparted, the Akashics is invested in listening to not only to the surface level of the communication but all the layers including meta message.

Something to note is that the Akashics does not usually provide direct answers, but instead provides opportunities for the seeker to explore in order to find the answer or develop the answer themselves.  This is due to the presence of free will and the respect accorded to each individual to become their best self in the most appropriate way possible.  Learning the answer rather than being handed the answer makes the answer part of the individual.  It develops into part of their being through experience rather than rote memorization and is therefore a more enduring and fundamental change and growth.

Tulip FieldsFor example, on one of my own personal explorations of the Akashics I was seeking clarification concerning my path and the opportunities in front of me.  In the Akashics I was led to the edge of a cliff where I could look down into the valley below.  There I saw field after cultivated field of flowers and crops.  I descended the cliff face via stairs and began walking through the fields.  Each was square, making the land look like a colorful checkerboard and as I entered each field I would know what opportunity this was and be able to explore its purpose, its gifts and affects and the ramifications of taking it on.  In this way I was led to sample in a gentle and beautiful way, removing stress, left brain logic, and the need to be right. I have been to the fields many times since then and this area has helped me quite a bit to make positive decisions in my life.

There are many ways to experience the Akashics and utilize this type of conversation to improve our lives in this lifetime.  All it takes is a minor change in our Akashic focus.