“The Ain (Akasha) is limitless and timeless so that all that issues forth from its bosom does so without in any way diminishing its substance.  Actually, in a sense there is nothing outside of this condition, even that which we see and recognise as the physical universe is so only because the Ain has chosen to extend a portion of itself into materiality.

1867_firefly_serenity_ice_cube_tray_in_useThe material universe might be likened to an ice-cube, floating in a chilled glass of water, it is created of the same material and will return to the state of the “mother” element in due time, but for the duration it exists as a discrete island in the sea of its birth.

In the same way that our ice-cube has not diminished the total quantity of water in the glass, merely effected a temporary change of state in a small portion, the Ain suffers no loss through the coalescence of an aspect of itself into tangible form.

A Jewish prayer illustrates this well; ‘Thou wast the same before the universe was created, Thou hast been the same since the universe hath been created, Thou are the same in this universe, and Thou will be the same in the universe to come’.”

–John Bonner Qabalah: a Primer