Spending so much time working in the Akashics I sometimes lose sight of how beautiful it is and how it can make you pause in wonder.  I get fairly narrow focused on what I’m doing and when you become familiar with something you tend to block out the details as just part of the background.  But every once in a while I see something or someone says something and I take a breath to look around me and see how amazing it all is.

Outside the palace in the gardens there are fountains and hedge mazes and magnificent trees with swings in them.  There are primeval forests and soaring mountains and valleys full of glowing color.  In particular I enjoy the rose fields that spread out down the rolling hills from the green house attached to the palace.  It is a hot house enclosed in glass walls and ceiling which filters the light and allows exotic roses to bloom.  The air is rich with scent which is beautiful but not overpowering, at least to me. However I love roses.

There is a room in the palace that is cathedral like but instead of pews and an altar there are floor to ceiling stained glass windows on the outer wall and the floor contains many Olympic size pools in between the support columns.  Some of the pools connect with external water sources so at any given time there can be ocean or river creatures swimming in them.  They are available to anyone who wishes to swim or just float and enjoy.

The Akashics, from micro to macro, are amazing and I enjoying being able to visit there and to explore.  I hope you will too.