Ever get so focused on something you do all the time that you forget to smell the roses?  Yeah, happens to me too.  I focus so much on working with client’s soul books and teaching students how to read their soul books and how to navigate the Akashic landscape and work with mentors that I tend to forget other really fun and incredible aspects.

The Akashic library is more than just books and definitely more than just soul books.  There is an entire wing that is specifically for the directions/elements.  Everything in each section from the furniture, the decorations, the objects, the books and texts and architecture are about the elements subtly and not so much.  Imagine a steam punk themed wing of the library where everything is about air or water or earth. 🙂

There are back hallways containing research rooms and offices.  There you can find rooms dedicated to research projects on pretty much any subject.  The offices are usually cluttered with objects, documents, books, tablets, in the general disarray left by the gifted researcher who “has their own system” and “knows where everything is.”  What is fun is that texts written in indecipherable ancient languages will translate themselves upon request, the objects activate and can tell their stories in a variety of forms, and everything is interactive like Merlin’s workroom.

There are other rooms off the main library that can act like a holosuite for full immersion experience into some subject.  Go in, state the subject specifics and let the experience unfold. Be done when you are done and the room returns to normal or you can ask to be able to experience more fully and an entryway will open to allow you to go to that information not as a projection, but as it truly is in the Akashics.  Much like studying Machu Picchu in an IMAX presentation then asking to go and being able to port there to see it live.

There is so much available just in the Library itself and it’s nice to be reminded.  Besides, Sunday is a great time for doing something a bit different and not work related. 🙂