One of the things I’ve learned through my own personal experience is that working with mentors in the Akashics never goes the way you think it will go.  Over time this has come to be amusing, mostly at my own expense, but in the moment it can be quite emotional.  I choose to work with mentors or ask for guidance either when what I’ve been trying isn’t working so I know that I’m missing something or I’m completely befuddled and have no idea what is going on or I’m in a process where I know I need help.  In each case these are not small or even smallish issues.  I’m emotionally involved in the outcomes and for some reason (of which there have been plethora) I’m not able to see what’s going on inside of me that is adding or subtracting from the equation.

So what happens is that I go into the Akashics, I’m asking for help, I meet up with a being and we start talking.  And then I get confronted by something.  Something they say, a way in which they frame things, or maybe they directly confront me with he fact that I’m avoiding the obvious (I’ve been known to do that).  Sometimes it’s their silence while they wait for me to figure out that what I need to do to resolve the issue is be patient and wait.  I’m bad at both and am still working on acceptance and ‘enjoy the ride’.  A major lesson for me is ‘just float’ when it comes to the river of life.  I’m really a ‘paddle harder’ kinda gal.

The nice part about this process is that, while it might be shocking or amazing or revelatory or stunning, it’s also not a surprise in that I know that working with a mentor will be like that.  It’s what I experience in working with my elders.  Those that have walked the path before us, who has done this type of work and continue to do it, are able to see clearly where we are not.  Part of which is just common sense.  Having lived life gives you a tad bit of perspective, the chance at wisdom, and a means of being able to share it.  And if you are working with someone who is in their 80’s, they’ve pretty much lost their inhibitions around directness.  They don’t have energy for or interest in playing bullshit social nicety games so they just tell you the truth straight to your face.  Shocking, but also liberating once you get used to it.  Kinda like jumping into a cold lake.  It won’t kill you and it’s bracing, although you don’t necessarily want to do it every day. 🙂

So when working with a mentor, be prepared for the truth and the fact that it may not be the truth you were expecting, the direction you thought you were going, or the issue you thought was the issue.  Be flexible and you will learn volumes.