How do you know when you’ve found yourself?  That’s the snide question that people ask those who are “trying to find themselves.”  It’s a valid question, snide as it is.  How do you know?  Let’s put it another way.  How much seeking do you need to do until you decide to act on what you’ve found?  Or here’s another one.  How much do you need to learn before you do something with all that knowledge?

At some point the answer really is the answer.  At some point each of us has to acknowledge that we have arrived at the point we were seeking, whether we wanted to get there this early or not, whether we like the destination or not, whether we got what we wanted or not.  At some point all the learning, all the seeking, all the hoping and the wishing and the wanting coalesces into a result.  And then you have a choice.

By TomperWomper

You can choose to know what you know, accept who you have become, acknowledge what it took to get you there and open up to the amazing vista of opportunities that it affords you.  You can see that the only way out is through, that the pain in growing is because of change which means what was will never be again and what’s coming has never been before, that what is ahead is as real as what was behind which doesn’t mean that it’s not full of rainbows and unicorns, but that you recognize unicorn’s shit is rainbow-colored (don’t step in unicorn shit, you’ll track rainbows everywhere), and that you’re so well prepared that there’s nothing left to do but to do it.

Or you can choose to ignore what you know, put your head down, put your sunglasses on, ignore what’s all around you and pretend that life is like it’s always been. You can even pretend that it just has to be that way for an amazing array of excuses which allow you to ignore your power, ignore your responsibility, ignore your rights and give everything away to everyone and everything else.

You can do that.  Personally, I’m putting my wellies on and following those hoof prints over there…