We have been taught that the best way to get things done constructively is to think things through, have a plan, be logical, be prepared, and be ready for anything like you would prepare for battle.  Well and good.  But that methodology isn’t one size fits all any more than a hammer is good for all surgical procedures or a scalpel is going to work to frame a house.  Ok, so WD-40 and duct tape can pretty much fix anything, but that’s another subject for another day.  Stick with me here.

Sometimes using logic and will power doesn’t get you there. Ask anyone who’s been on a diet for any length of time.  Logic and will power can help get you started, but if other things don’t come into play, you’re going to fail in short order and be back where you started off or worse.  Same thing goes for those other personal changes you want to make.  That one thing that has been holding you back, bugging you, or keeping you from doing/being who you want to be, you’ve probably been using will power to get yourself through it, get past it, ignore it, hide from it or cover it up.  How’s that going so far?

Sometimes the issue is to stop using logic and will power.  Sometimes they are actually the problem.  Too much mental energy can keep us from developing the other wisdom sources of our being such as our emotions and our bodies.  They don’t respond to logic, they see will as an attack on their essential nature so willing them to heal or get fixed isn’t helpful.  The key to healthy emotions and a healthy body is to stop thinking, to stop planning, to stop willing a result and just stop.  More than likely your emotions and your body have been shouting to be heard for a long time.  And underneath that your soul has been patiently waiting for its moment to speak.  If you listen you will hear.  And what’s being said isn’t necessarily some call to action.  If you’re listening to hear logical instructions of what to do next, you might be out of luck.  Because these messages are rarely directions, they aren’t about doing, they are about being.

So instead of trying to will the changes you want to have happen, stop doing and listen.  In that way you’ll start becoming the changes you already have inside you.