Each moment of our lives is unique.   Which makes them all the same, doesn’t it.  LOL……ahem…sorry…   The circumstances of each moment of our lives is made up of decisions and choices, experiences and circumstances. In the case of fossil fuels they would be measured in eons.  Once on circumstance passes it won’t ever be back again just as the potential in each minute of our lives is something we can’t get back once the minute is gone.  It leaves behind experience like coral accreting into a reef, but it’s living/moving/breathing self is gone.

Does that mean that once an opportunity is gone, it’s lost and we’ll never get it back? Is there a moment when things are too late?  Yes and no.  A unique experience can be missed and will never happen again.  That moment when you could choose to take that job or not, when you could choose to say yes to him/her or not, the kiss that was hit or miss, that opportunity of a lifetime, that add for the one thing you’re not quite sure you want until you do, that offer of help that lasts for just this long, yes, once those moments are gone they are gone for good. Those unique expressions of what you need or are meant to do or to learn are gone and they aren’t coming back.  It’s too late for them.

But it’s not too late for you.  It’s never too late to try, try again.  And that’s the thing.  Is it too late to go back to college after you turn 80?  Nope.  Is it too late to start a new career at 65?  Nope.  Is it too late to become a parent at 40?  Nope.  Have you missed the train if you haven’t started doing what you know you’re meant to do because you are this or that age or have only this or that much time left?  Nope.  Are all the opportunities gone because you’ve missed them all?  Nope.  Are you doomed to never meet “the one” because you missed out on him/her back in the day?  Nope.

If you signal to the universe that you’re ready now, the universe is going to start the cogs rolling to get things going.  If you raise your hand and say “Ok, I’m here now.  What do I need to do to start living the life I want?” the universe is going to answer with a menu of options.  Synchronicities start happening, possibilities open up, opportunities start showing up out of nowhere and life begins to unfold.  Even if all you have is that famous last 30 days of your life, you still have the ability to do the things you want to do.  They will come in a different form than you might think, they might not look like what you expect, but they are going to come.  It’s never too late.